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Ambassadors Of The “the Last Frontier”

Ambassadors of the “The last Frontier”   Recently, I was diving in Roatan on a boat with a group of divers from a shop in San Antonio, Texas. I wasn’t part their group, as a rule I tend to stay in the back of the […]

What Is Your Perception With Shopping A Brick And Mortar Store?

  With the filing of bankruptcy by Sears, I started looking at the sheer volume of stores closing in 2018 and was shocked. This year alone more than 3,800 retail stores will close their doors. Either through bankruptcy or simply saying we quit. The closing […]

Look Over Your Shoulder When Making A Lane Change

Look over your Shoulder when Making a Lane Change Have you ever been diving and had a diver run into you? Come up under you? Push you out of the way? I’m sure we all have! My most painful experience was in the Philippines. We […]

We Are Up And Running

January 1st, we purchased Fisheye Scuba, it seems the store was just sort of there without motivation to make it thrive and live up to its potential. With the purchase came issues we were not aware of. Mainly warranty issues involving product sent in for […]