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Full Service Scuba Shop 

Our in House Service CenterFishEye Scuba is a full service Scuba shop, including group lessons, private lessons, air fills, equipment sales, equipment rental, and full service dive travel.

FishEye Scuba has a fully equipped service department, with service technicians that are factory certified to work on most modern scuba equipment including Atomic, ScubaPro, Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic, Genesis, Mares, Oceanic, Sherwood, Zeagle, DiveRite, Tusa and more.

We have as a state-of-the-art high pressure air and nitrox membrane compressor system with over 5300 cu. ft. of air storage. We can fill most any air cylinder for SCUBA, paintball, SCBA and other uses up to 4000 psi. We offer enriched air nitrox fills containing up to 40% oxygen. We change our air purification filters monthly and have our air quality tested quarterly to be sure that we are filling our customers tanks with nothing but clean, dry and safe breathing air.

We honor parts warranties, from most major scuba manufacturers, with proper warranty documentation.

 An annual /overhaul service includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the regulator and hoses
  • Complete cleaning of all components according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Complete inspection of all components looking for cracks, wear and defects
  • Replacement of all warranty parts and worn or defective components
  • Reassembly of the regulator and hoses per manufacturer recommendations
  • Adjust of the regulator to manufacturer specifications including intermediate pressure (IP), flow rates and inhalation effort 

    Fisheye Scuba follows manufacturer's guidelines by disassembling and inspecting all parts for wear or corrosion, once dissembled, we insect the unit for damaged or worn parts. Any damaged or worn parts are replaced. The units are cleaned thoroughly, reassembled and properly adjusted to manufactures specifications. 

    A Bench check includes:
  • Leak check your regulators, hoses and pressure gauge.
  • Inspect the hoses and mouthpieces for wear and tear.
  • Check and readjust if necessary the intermediate pressure.
  • Adjust the regulator for the best breathing efficiency.
  • Check the accuracy of the pressure gauge
  • Check computer's battery status and replace batteries if necessary 
    We do not take your regulator apart to check or change any internal parts. If we find your regulator needs a complete overhaul we will call before any work is performed. 

    Turnaround time is usually 14 days from date of receipt as long as no major problems are encountered 

    Rush orders can be done on a case by case basis for an additional charge.

    For warranty service we need the following: 
  • Proof of Original Ownership with Purchase Date
  • Warranty certificate number if applicable
  • Proof of Annual Service or Performance Check within the last 12 months (depending on the manufacturer's guidelines).


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