Oceanic Professional Package

US$ 1,599.95
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PROFESSIONAL PACKAGE This package is designed for the Professional adventurer diver.

It includes:

  • ZEO + FDXi regulator W/Alpha 8 Octo
  • Pro Plus 3 Dive Computer with compass
  • Either the Excursion BCD (built for the serious adventurer),
  • Or the HERA (high-end female specific BCD).

ZEO DESIGNED FOR DEPTH The pneumatically-balanced ZEO is an engineering marvel of precision, durability and comfort. Its durable chrome-plated marine brass metal valve delivers a phenomenal breathing experience, improves cold-water performance and helps recirculate moisture from exhalation to prevent dry mouth. The breathing adjustment gives the diver a wide range of control to precisely set airflow throughout the dive. The ZEO comes standard with an in-line hose swivel, inhalation effort control, dynamic adjustment technology dive/ pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouth piece featuring an inline ball swivel on the hose connection to eliminate the binding that can cause jaw fatigue. The new cold-forged, over-balanced diaphragm FDX-i first stage is environmentally sealed. The in-line design limits the pressure loss inherent in "L" type first stage designs making the FDX-i more efficient and lighter due to its compact form.

ALPHA 8 OCTO THE OCTO OF OCTOS If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the Alpha 8 Octo is for you. The Alpha 8 Octo is a top-performing regulator in its class, and one of the most affordably-priced regulators you can buy.

PROPLUS 3 NO MORE SQUINTING Dive computers are supposed to deliver crucial data quickly and without confusion. That's why the ProPlus 3 combines a huge display area with the largest and most legible digits on the market, an intuitive user interface and a host of major feature enhancements. See for yourself.

EXCURSION DIVE MASTER The Excursion is for the serious adventurer. Our extremely comfortable and stable rear inflation BC is ready for any adventure thast you are.


HERA LADIES ONLY The Hera BC from Oceanic comes standard with all the features and durability required of a high-end BC but is built from the ground up for the ladies. The design also incorporates our patented Adjustable Positioning System, rugged yet light-weight materials, plenty of storage, and 30 lbs of integrated weights into what may be the most comfortable, best fitting BC you’ll ever wear.


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