Spacefish Army
Dive Socks

Wear What You Love! Spacefish Army specializes in high-quality activewear for divers, snorkelers, surfers, and ocean lovers of all shapes and sizes. Our mission is to create a Community of Adventurous Spirits who dare to be different and are as bold… - Read More

US$ 20.00

5mm Trufit Thermowall Boot Lower Volume: TruFit boots have less volume over the instep. This reduces excess water in the boots which makes them warmer. It also makes it easier to get in and out of your fins. Trufit Sole: Comes with built in arch support… - Read More

US$ 115.95

• 6.5mm titanium and spandex lined neoprene boots with vulcanized rubber sole • All seams blind-stitched and double-glued to keep water out, increase seam strength • Toe and heel caps for additional support and protection • Built-in fin strap cleat helps… - Read More

US$ 70.00

Pinnacle Aquatics
Pinnacle Apex Xt 6mm Boot

The Apex XT 6 mm Titanium Lined Nylon 2 Neoprene Boot is a premium boot that features a sturdy rugged high traction sole that is strong enough to resist punctures from rocks, shells, and even glass. The sole has a low profile to enhance comfort and fit… - Read More

US$ 59.95