• Enriched Air Diver

Enriched Air Diver

Spend more time under the water or load less nitrogen and dive safer. Combine this course with another course or trip, and receive $100 off the course price! Use code: EANX100

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What you learn:

  • Techniques for getting more dive time by using enriched air nitrox
  • Enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations
  • Enriched air considerations, including managing oxygen exposure, how to tell what’s in your scuba tank and how to set your dive computer

It's just a few simple steps:

  • Call the shop to discuss dates and pay for the course 916-365-2410, or sign up for a date listed online.
  • This course includes eLearning and your required classroom session. Combine this course with another, and receive $100 off the course price! Use code: EANX100
  • eLearning will be sent out from PADI after the course is paid for. Legal paperwork will come through email.  eLearning has been shown to have up to a 21% higher retention rate for students.
  • Show up for the hands on portion of the class with an instructor, approximately 45 min

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