• Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver

This course gives you everything you need to enter the under water world with beginning level certification.

If you are 12 or over, the CHILD fee can be removed at checkout. Instructor to student ratio is reduced for 10 & 11 year olds.

Are you looking to refer out for the Open Water Dives? We take $150 off if you are referring out for your Open Water Dives. Use code: OWRD at checkout.

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It's just a few simple steps:   

  • Choose your Class Dates above:  Private lessons available for additional fees to accommodate scheduling conflicts or to rush the process. 
  • Our all inclusive course includes: instructor fees, 5 Heated Pool dives, 4 Open Water dives, Elearning-accessible forever.  Scuba Kit Rental Gear: BCD, Regulator, Octopus, Computer/Depth Gauge, Compass, Wetsuit, Hood, Weights/Weight belt.  Air Fills(local dives), Pool Fees, Certification Card, etc. *Additional fees for: Private Lessons: $$$ by case, transfers and makeup fees may apply as well. Under 15 years old: Jr Certification turns into full certification at 15 years old. 14 yrs and younger is limited to 40 ft, all others limited to 60 ft.
  • Personal Gear Package: Students also need to own their own Personal Gear $300 and up (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties, Gloves) $50 credit towards this purchase for our students! These packages vary greatly, and should never be purchased online, as they need to be properly fitted by a Dive Professional, and need to be Life Support/Scuba Quality. 

We want to make sure your diving experience with us is #1! Any gear you purchase for your class that does not meet your needs or fit properly, will be exchanged for you, prior to your open water dives.

*** Attention Parents: Do not use your email for your child. Each student needs to have their own email for elearning and their PADI account***

How It Works:

After you pay for the course, either online, instore, or through email, you will receive eLearning from PADI, and Legal Documents and an orientation video from Fisheye.

PADI recommends allowing for 8 hours, but we frequently see students complete the course in as little as 4 hours. This can be completed at any time prior to your pool dives. The materials can be reviewed as many times as you wish. eLearning has been shown to have up to a 21% higher retention rate for students.

Please complete the legal paperwork right away, incase you need clearance from your doctor. You will receive an email from your instructor about a week prior to your course with times and locations of the pool dives, and other important information.

The second day of open water dives will continue into the afternoon, with Final Exams, and hands on classroom instruction, debriefing and log book signing, with your instructor.


Referrals to another Open Water Dive Destination:

If you are looking to get the eLearning and pool work done with us, then travel to another destination for your Open Water Dives, this is called a Referral.

All the details of the course will stay the same, but we will take $150 off the price for not attending the Open Water Dives. Use code: OWRD at checkout.


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